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Super Flexiable Silicone Spatula / Spatula Turner, 600 F High Heat-Resistant Flexible Silicone Turner Spatula – Set of 2 – Ebook

The Perfect Silicone & Stainless Turner Set with Innovative Design & Quality Materials

Each of our pro-grade utensils is designed to meet the needs of chefs and bakers and manufactured to the highest standards using only the best materials. They combine the strength of stainless steel with the advantages of silicone. The silicone outer layer, safe for non-stick cookware, is bonded to a flexible stainless steel core for added stability. The Turners have thin, flexible edges that

Lava tube draining Lost Lake

Water from Lost Lake drains down one of the many lava tubes scattered throughout the Central Oregon Cascades. The water is most likely seeping into the subsurface below and refilling the massive aquifer that feeds springs on both sides of the Cascades. The story:

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