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Savisto Premium Solid Granite Pestle and Mortar – Large 15.5cm Diameter

Savisto Solid Granite Pestle and Mortar

The new Savisto pestle and mortar is one of the most iconic pieces of kitchen equipment around. Designed to allow you to get the most out of your herbs and spices, it enables you to infuse your food with new and exciting flavours!

The pestle and mortar is made of premium quality solid granite. Used by professional chefs the world over, this pestle and mortar combo is ideal for grinding, crushing and pounding any spices and herbs for

Savisto Premium 15.5cm Solid Granite Pestle and Mortar Set

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The pestle and mortar is an ancient device that’s as relevant today as it’s ever been. The Savisto Pestle & Mortar Set stays true to the origins of the tools: promoting build quality and functionality over fancy design and obtrusive styling.

That’s not to say it isn’t beautiful to look at.

Meticulously crafted from high-grade solid granite, this professional accessory effectively crushes and grinds up a range of cloves, nuts, herbs and spices, allowing it to be utilised by amateur and professional chefs alike.

The use of granite ensures the product never succumbs to corrosion, nor diminishes under consistent use.

The mortar boasts a large 12cm interior for the pulverisation of generous quantities, while the depth of the bowl helps to reduce spillage when extracting oils from herbs. This is complemented by the large pestle, formed specifically for comfort, with enough weight to prevent crushing and grinding becoming too labour intensive.

Whatever your preferred food seasoning, the Savisto premium pestle and mortar is an iconic and essential accessory that belongs in your kitchen.

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