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Premium Home Knife Sharpener Stone Kit, Grits 800/3000 | For All Kitchen & Outdoor Knives | Larger 8.25″ x 2.75″ Whetstone for Easier Sharpening. Dual Angle, Non-Slip Guide/Protective Case

The only stone sharpening system you’ll ever need!
Features Japanese grit 800 / 3000 wet stones for honing and polishing kitchen knives, scissors and tools to razor-sharp perfection.

Did you know the most dangerous knife in the kitchen is a dull one? Keep those blades performing at their best with the Love This Kitchen Professional Stone Sharpening Kit! This dual-stone system includes an 800 grit stone capable of restoring the dullest blade to a sharp, straight cutting edge. Then,

Lansky Multi-Angle QuadSharp

I get asked how I keep my knives sharp, well the QuadSharp is a great way to do so, Specially if you're not very good ad sharpening your knives because of the set angles or if you want one sharpener that can handle multiple styles.

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