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How to Make Fresh Tomato Sauce | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine

Food & Wine's Justin Chapple shows an easy method making fresh tomato sauce.

Here's the equipment you'll require:
Sharp knife:
Reducing board:
Big mixing dish:
Box grater:

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How to Make Fresh Tomato Sauce | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine

Food & Wine's Justin Chapple demonstrates an easy way to make fresh tomato sauce.

Here's the gear you'll need:
Sharp knife:
Cutting board:
Large mixing bowl:
Box grater:

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29 Responses to “How to Make Fresh Tomato Sauce | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine”

  1. Angie Asteria says:

    Grating tomato is what everyone who knows how to make fresh tomato sauce does. Then you cook it..

  2. xXBlueJeansXx says:

    You forgot to post part 2 where you actually cook it…

  3. Jakie Bourg says:

    How about adding caramelysed onions in there?
    And Origano, etc 😉

  4. Borderline Alcoholic says:

    Am I alone in being absolutely stunned to discover a tomato ‘even has an incredible tomato aroma’?

    Who knew?

  5. kokoriko999 says:

    And that’s a new technique?? lol We’ve been cooking like that for decades !!

  6. Sharon Wadsworth-Smith says:

    Good idea, I would remove the seeds myself. Must try this.

  7. afringedweller says:

    A sprinkle of grated cheese would be special, (I buy it on sale only!). But really, I love the simple recipes the best!

  8. Rob Tisinai says:

    Will the blood from my fingers ruin the sauce or just add some oomph to the flavor?

  9. Biplob Basak says:

    This is our Old Indian Way to make puree….thanx for sharing

  10. Jay Bee says:

    Tomato sauce is not too hard to make. Most of the time just goes into letting it sit there to simmer.

  11. YvesNY says:

    Otherwise called “sauce vierge”, a classic of nouvelle cuisine back in the 70’s

  12. vancityguy says:

    Daft Punk’s Revolution 909 music video did a much better job at explaining how to cook tomato sauce from scratch.

  13. 1HourMartinizing says:

    you sound like a fag.

  14. widerling says:

    Great budget sauce for students and on the move people. Niice!

  15. adnerb mal says:

    but why didn’t you remove the seeds off?

  16. Isabelle Bertoni says:

    Eeeeek! that’s not tomato sauce, that’s grated tomatoes, absolutely horrid with pasta! pffffff…

  17. Isabelle Bertoni says:

    Wow, that “incredible tomato flavour”, said he, smelling a… tomato. What did you expect??? pfff…

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