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HomeHero 5-Piece Stainless Steel Sharpener and Block Kitchen Knife Set with Finger Guard

Everything you need – In one premium knife set

Our high-quality knife set offers just the right knife for any possible task, and – as the only one of its kind – even comes with a cutlery stand, knife sharpener and safety finger guard. The blades are made from stainless steel and coated with a non-stick coating paint. Their handles consist of PP.

Chef Knife
A multi-functional knife with curved blade allowing the user to rock the knife for more precision. Its sharp

HomeHero Knife Set, Stand, Sharpener B01KTACCBK for YouTube

HomeHero Knife Set, Stand, Sharpener B01KTACCBK

The HomeHero Professional Kitchen knife set is great. With a sharpener and finger guard the five black Nonstick finished knife set looks great in the clear Acrylic fan stand. And even better. they work with tremendously efficiency. The ease of slicing through a soft object like a juicy beefsteak tomato without distorting the tomato as it slices is telling of the benefit from the black nonstick finish on the blades. The blades are thin, and extremely sharp in the OOBE first uses in consumeable preperations.

With the handy two stage sharpener consisting of a draw through block with grip base and a rough shaping port backed up with a fine finish port fitted with a diamond ceramic rod set the knives are easily maintainanced to a rasor sharp edge before use as needed. The dangers of extremely sharp knives are well known and imagined. This Professional Kitchen knife set comes with a stainless steel finger guard that will help keep from performing unauthorised surgery at unexpected moments of attention drift.

Since I have installed the fan holder set on the preperation counter guests in the kitchen have their attention drawn immediately to the HomeHero set. All comment on what an interesting looking set of blades. The stand mounted with blades slides easily under the cabinet overhang in my 1950's constructed standard galley prep station without the need to tilt to deploy from their now regular place on the counter.

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