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Baking or cookery is the fine art, technology and build of setting up food for utilization with or without the utilization of heat. Preparing food techniques and elements vary widely around the world, from barbecuing food over an wide open open fire to using electric stoves, to cooking in a variety of types of ovens, reflecting unique environmental, monetary, and cultural customs and developments. The ways or types of baking also rely upon the skill and kind of training a person cook has. Cooking food is performed both by people in their own dwellings and by professional cooks and chefs in restaurants and other food institutions. Cooking food can also appear through substance reactions minus the existence of temperature, such as with ceviche, a normal Southern American dish where seafood is prepared with the acids in lime or lemon juice.
Setting up food with heating or fire can be an activity unique to humans. It could have began around 2 million years back, though archaeological proof for it gets to only 1 million years back.
The development of agriculture, business, trade and travel between civilizations in several parts offered cooks many new elements. New innovations and technologies, including the technology of pottery for positioning and boiling drinking water, expanded preparing techniques. Some modern cooks apply advanced methodical techniques to preparing food to further improve the flavour of the dish offered.

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Free-range chicken cooked to perfectly crispy skin and tender juicy meat... Some fresh cranberry sauce with butter and wine notes as a perfect addition to this superb but easy meal cooked in our special forest kitchen... Enjoy!

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Homemade ingredients:
few chicken legs
handful of cranberries
handful of spinach
2-3 garlic cloves
1 tbsp. butter
fresh chives
white wine
1 tbsp. corn starch
salt, pepper, oil

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