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Russian Piping Tips Set of 35 Pcs, Piping Nozzles Tips Fondant Cake Decorating Flower Frosting Tips, Baking Tools Kit, Extra 3 Reusable Silicone Pastry Bags, 10 Disposable Bags, 3 couplers, 1 Brush

WELWEL Bundle Pack of 304 Stainless Steel Russian Piping Tips with Bonus Accessories

How to use Russian piping tips to decorate your cakes?
1. Wash the tips with hot water.
2. Cut the pastry bag so that 1-2 mm of nozzle can pop out of the bag.
3. Insert the nozzle through the bag.
4. Put the whipped cream in a bag. Cream must be firm, room temperature, not too soft.
5. Place the nozzle to the cupcake/cake base, squeeze gently and lift up slowly. <

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