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HowTo: Taste Red Wine l Wine Spectator

Exactly how can you taste merlot like a pro? Why should you swirl? What tastes should you look for? To obtain the solution to these inquiries– and more– watch HowTo: Taste Merlot from Wine Viewer.

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31 Responses to “HowTo: Taste Red Wine l Wine Spectator”

  1. HakunaMatata says:

    careful with the swishing, my dentist says red wine is lethal against your enamel

  2. Matt Massie says:

    +Barbara Floyd Let me guess, you are a recent divorcée from an amazing wine-taster. I bet he got the dog. 

  3. wang Linda says:

    it’s pretty useful

  4. tristan vander-molen says:

    I feel a little bit naughty im having my first red wine I haven’t had for a year because it gave me kidney stone from drying myself out to much see how I go lol

  5. $1,250 for Referrals says:

    White wine is a lot better, especially the fruity tasting ones.

  6. Mugly Mae says:

    so wine tasting is like performing forensics with your senses to murdered grapes

  7. The Flying Winemaker says:

    Nice, easy to follow guide!

  8. Finch Gould says:

    Surprisingly good informative video. And the girl is really easy to look at!

  9. eugene bell says:

    These lunatics. Why talk about it, just drink the stuff. it amazes me, they always come up with all this meaning to it. They will say things like “Hummm,,,, I detect, I think, maybe, I detect a fruitiness, ” IDIOTT, the stuff is made out of GRAPES, what do you think it’s gonna smell like, ONIONS?

  10. JB 6000 says:

    Im very surprised to find how many people here actually like wine. To me its a punishment to have to drink it

    • Philip awesome says:

      +JB 6000
      i mostly drink wine to either, get drunk or show off honestly

    • JB 6000 says:

      +Philip magnusson I am not saying it isn’t a good drink to be fair for those who like it – its just that I do not equate it with something Id want if I was after a drink for pure enjoyment, comfort or taste myself.I may rather opt for anything else in that respect. Anyway its an acquired taste further than many other drinks because most people I know who will drink anything still dont seem to like wine. Liqueurs taste better although some of them (not all) are complete junk with silly flavorings

  11. Dagobert says:

    I mix it with orance juice mmm

  12. John Pacella says:

    Very informative, thanks.

  13. Darko Ristic says:

    Are wine drinkers dying out in this beer and vodka infested world? 🙂

    • Darko Ristic says:

      I’ve got introduced to wine two years ago, and I absolutely love it. It is so unlike other alcoholic beverages. It is so…otherworldly. Nothing like a glass of old Cabernet Sauvignon after the rough day at work. And it also puts me to sleep like a baby. Thank Gods for wine. 🙂

  14. says:

    This video was very helpful! We do pairing of wine and food on our channel. We will definitely have to try this technique out!

  15. Aaron from England says:

    holy crap did taste 10 times better this way thanks

  16. Ben Schebella says:

    I have misplaced my tasting apparatus. help

  17. Juiced Up Attacks says:

    I love to masturbate

  18. Wine n Wine says:

    Really good video, just like a pro.Thanks

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