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How to Ripen Bananas Quickly | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine

F&W's Justin Chapple discloses how you can ripen bananas in simply a couple of mins.
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29 Responses to “How to Ripen Bananas Quickly | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine”

  1. RelatedGiraffe says:

    0:45 Well, those bananas are ripened alright. I thought they were gonna have a few black spots on them, but this is a completely new level of ripeness 🙂 I’m sure they make great banana bread.

  2. MrSchneeblee says:

    That guy LOVES bananas

  3. tyrantable says:

    The way this guy talks makes me ill.

  4. O0Salmon0O says:

    If you are using the bananas for banana bread you will be cooking them anyway. Cooking them before mixing up the bread batter doesn’t do anything that would not have been done anyway.

  5. Philly Drones says:

    So heating it up makes the bananas soft, but I fail to see how it would make the bananas ripe and super-sweet?  

  6. Eddie S says:

    you people commenting disgust me!!!

  7. BOMB.COM says:

    Is there a Biologist here that can validate this?

  8. ShadyBrooks says:

    It doesn’t matter how his speech is. He’s teaching us how to cook. It’s not a English class.

  9. BeautyByTimtim says:

    Love it!!! Thanks for sharing 😀

  10. Elizabeth Bryant says:

    Thank you for this tip. It’s Christmas eve and I couldn’t tell anyone to stay out of the fruit which is so much more healthier than candy type sweets. Last night I had to buy green bananas for my banana bread. Again thank you Justin.
    Merry Christmas to all and may you be blessed.

  11. bluebuury says:

    It’s a shame that he no longer makes videos. Shame on you all for disrespecting this man and his innovative cooking skills!

  12. Raven Rose says:

    He said they have a natural frown lol I love it!

  13. Matthew Nemetchek says:

    If this is what happens when you cook them then can’t you just use unripe bananas and as the banana bread cooks it will rippen?

  14. Jeffrey D says:

    00:50 and he wants to make them black…..

  15. mary anne Nasuti says:

    thanks for the tip

  16. Diana Abarca says:

    can I use a microwave instead? ._.

  17. Emily clark says:

    Mine have been on for at least 20min now and they don’t look like that! I cut one open and it’s not very ripe yet

  18. PAULETTE B says:

    Awesome tip! ty Justin

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