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How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. use drill PVC and a lag screw

How to open up a wine bottle without a corkscrew. use drill PVC as well as a lag screw
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28 Responses to “How to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. use drill PVC and a lag screw”

  1. Bob Stein says:

    I’ll be honest fellas, I could’ve used a little more gasoline.

  2. zerendipity says:

    Then poor gasoline in it and make a Molotov cocktail? 😀

  3. Aegis Mind says:


  4. Bob Illig says:

    Then drink a beer and listen to Skynrd like a real man…

  5. Cole Young says:

    But… but where’s the explosion?

  6. superspeeed says:

    wine actually gets you way drunker way faster than beer… I’d say beer is for pussies tbh

    • Crow the mad says:

      as a regular wine drinker I can attest to this. Wine tastes better anyways; I’m always hearing beer commercials banging on about how crisp, smooth, sweet and refreshing their beer is but when I taste it it’s like I’m drinking sewer runoff.

    • deaz 97 says:

      Wine has 12% alcohol while beer has only at maximum 6%, so actually wine is twice as strong. Also, a wine hangover is way worse than a beer one.

  7. kanter bow says:

    Instant regret clicking this playlist, someone?

  8. Safie goddard says:

    Will your mouth still remember the taste of my

  9. haimynameiz shublabadub says:

    Thank you uncle rob I’m not a ***** like these losers SNOBS!

  10. CandelaZ says:

    then dump the wine out…dummy

    for your health.

    ~Dr. Steve Brule

  11. Russell Moore says:

    where’s the gasoline?

  12. Classical Penguin says:

    I had an uncle named rob who was a barista ._.

  13. Equinox Mercy says:

    Someone help me I cant stop watching this fucking playlist.

  14. Hayden McG says:

    Good. I needed this.

  15. lemonade r says:


  16. Dealwitit says:

    What have I stumbled into

  17. Micah Newman says:

    …and drink whiskey, like a _real_ man.

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