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How To Open a Bottle Of Wine

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Opening a container of wine isn't difficult– which is why not having the ability to achieve it is especially humiliating. Don't worry– with a little practice you'll be liberating the fruit of the vine in a few fluid activities.

Action 1: Cut metallic foil
Cut the metal aluminum foil or plastic wrapper covering the cork, using the container's reduced lip as a guide. Press the blade against the aluminum foil wrapper, as well as score all the way around the container's circumference.

Make certain to eliminate the foil from the lip of the container– it can wreck the taste if the wine is available in contact with it when poured.

Action 2: Place container upright
Location the bottle upright on a level surface area, or hold it between your knees somewhat angled towards you at a comfy height.

Step 3: Screw right into cork
Dig the tip of the curl into the middle of the cork, maintaining it as straight as feasible. With an also, down pressure, rotate the screw clockwise until it disappears almost entirely right into the cork.

Step 4: Hold with bar
Pivot the metal lever of the corkscrew to ensure that the forked impression holds the side of the container's mouth and the corkscrew's take care of is aimed down.

Step 5: Bring up
Holding the bottle securely in place, realize the deal with and also pull it directly. The cork needs to come completely out.

Specialty wine openers, like the wing- or lever-style kind, require less initiative to eliminate the cork. Just insert or clamp and then press the wings or bar down.

Step 6: Clean the rim
Wipe the rim of the bottle with a clean, slightly moist napkin to get rid of any kind of cork dirt or residue prior to pouring. Salut!

Did You Know?
The initial curl was patented in 1795 by an English minister.

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  1. ДОЛГОВ says:

    THANKS. Got all bar covered in wine (at a job) in my first try 😉

  2. Ashefon Gugu says:

    Thanks for this video…. now i dont need to wait for my husband for me to drink wine

  3. The Legend says:

    Did you know:
    People don’t drink wine because it taste good, but because they think they are more adults than others doing so.

  4. Martin Hall says:

    Thanks Australians, I am now about to enjoy some lovely red wine. 🙂

  5. Yayas World13 says:

    this video actually helped me. now go watch the video of my cute pit bull on my page I would appreciate it

  6. Christina Sentaki says:

    I did it! 🙂

  7. april skibicki says:

    Bull the key thing just tore up the cork thanks alot….

  8. Isabella Barthelus says:

    yey! thanks to your tutorial and of course my daughter who helped me by watching her dad..cheers🍷

  9. David kelly says:

    very awesome and helpful #DWYD

  10. Alcaeus89 says:

    I always end up giving my wine that nice, aged cardboard flavor

  11. Vanessa Mart says:

    You just saved me from humiliation at this get together! Thanks a bunch!

  12. Estefy T says:

    I thought the other part was to open beers wtf. College student age 21 right here… had to watch a video cause no f idea.. i opened my eyes surprised like i was watching a freakin magic Rick

    Also, i think im getting drunk bye

  13. Yura Kovalec says:

    This time I’ll use woodprix instructions to make it myself 🙂

  14. Yami Patata says:

    I got tired of waiting for my husband to open the wine for me (I broke our butterfly opener) so thanks for this video, now I can enjoy my cabernet 😋

  15. neanam m says:

    just get a box of wine

  16. Anika Davidson says:

    so howd they open wine before 1785?

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