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How to Form Perfect Burger Patties | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine

F&W's Justin Chapple reveals a fail-safe way to create flawlessly round hamburger patties.
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18 Responses to “How to Form Perfect Burger Patties | Mad Genius Tips | Food & Wine”

  1. Wfad Jmaes says:

    my daughter will love this “why didn’t I think of this” mad genius tip.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1- questions, how would you recommend adding flavor throughout the meat? most people add seasonings or sauces to the meat, then mix. Which does result in a less than perfectly tender burger. But just the meat alone or with flavors on the outside, tends to leave a regular ground beef flavor.

  2. Michael Vo says:

    Holy wow!!! Just tried and it worked perfectly. Awesome.

  3. Siegfried Pretsch says:

    What an idiot!

  4. Bear_Bottom Basin Farm says:

    Wonder if he makes the patties for Sonic or does he just stick to doing their Milkshake commercials 😉

  5. Amanda Timothy says:

    Where can I purchase these lids?? I haven’t seen anything like them here in Utah, as far as a take-out container goes…..

  6. Jasmin Parker says:

    He seems like he would be more of a sausage kind of guy

  7. Erlend Kvisgaard says:

    Why am I watching this

  8. The Fake Brit says:

    Nice kitchen hack. Can’t wait to try this out myself 😀

  9. The Wanderer says:

    I bet that’s not the only meat he likes to squeeze…

  10. Venom Snake says:

    but they’re too small, u forget the meat gets smaller while cooking

  11. Wei Chan says:

    Glory to God and the Lord Jesus Christ for giving me this video to watch.

  12. Wei Chan says:

    Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. Read the inspired word of God at .

  13. Lyn F says:

    This is brilliantly simple, thanks!  Been making for months with my hands and it’s never quite right.

  14. Brian Dressel says:

    Thanks buddy!

  15. Steven Schoenfeld says:

    I used the lids off my big oatmeal cylinders.

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