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A better wine bottle

Drips are the bane of every wine enthusiast's presence. She or he uncorks a container of wine, tips it towards the glass, and a drop, and even a stream, runs down the side of the container. Sure, you could do what sommeliers in restaurants do, wrapping a paper napkin around the neck of the bottle to capture the liquid, yet that has time for that. Far more most likely, you'll wreck the table linen.

At Brandeis University, biophysicist Dan Perlman has designed a bottle that won't trickle. Learn more:

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19 Responses to “A better wine bottle”

  1. mccanlessdesign says:

    Spectacular work!”  Real engineering is not what you can put in, it’s what you can take out.”Said my ‘ol dad, and we’re both engineers with patents.

  2. Daily Mail says:

    Hi, could the use your video in our player? We’ll credit and link to you. please email us at –

  3. Teemu Törmänen says:

    most paramount scientific matter of our time!!!! (geez, what’s wrong with humanity…?)

  4. Penguin Mastery says:

    Why aren’t we funding this!?

  5. Emanuel Angel says:

    Que invento? es el pico del Fernet Branca!

  6. Питер Ли says:

    Medvedev need this LOL

  7. Marek Witbrot says:

    Finally scientists have put aside those silly rocket science craps and done something really important!

  8. James Swift says:

    It’s… a beer bottle?

  9. Joshua Camara says:

    All this video tells me, is there are more retards in the world(that don’t know how to just turn the bottle) than I thought. lol don’t ever be a waiter.

  10. Jahar Rolling Stone says:

    I’ve been drinking straight from the bottle. No drip. Trust.

  11. Ryan Lintott says:

    Amazing that it took 3 years to think of this

  12. Sergey Ivanović says:

    …no matter how hard you fist,
    the last drops drip in pants at least…

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