Cooking Now

10 Life-Changing Baking Hacks

Your baking video game will certainly never ever be the same.

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21 Responses to “10 Life-Changing Baking Hacks”

  1. Caeli McMahon says:

    Leftover cookie dough?

    eat it. duh.

  2. Sasha from the Nether says:

    ‘leftover cookie dough?’
    me: Eat it.

  3. Sia White says:

    Who would have a random hot glass sitting in their cupboards like
    “Hey I’m magically warm”

  4. Dana Pie says:

    I always use the ice cream spoon hack!

  5. LickingBugattis says:

    the time you spent microwaving the glass to put on the butter, you could have microwaved….. wait for it…. the butter

  6. Amanda Doan says:

    hello we know what piping bags are

  7. Owen B says:

    Leftover cookie dough? Make more cookies.

  8. shy walker says:

    *i would not say life changing*

  9. Claws Furball says:

    When you eat frozen cookie dough all the time…

  10. Steven Anderson says:

    Ew, using a bottle as a roller? You don’t know what dirty hands could have touched that!

  11. Alyssa Witherspoon says:

    Didn’t they put almost all of these things in another baking life hack video?

  12. Haley Christine says:

    0:20 yea but in order to have a warm glass u put it in the microwave

  13. Deseray Patterson says:

    My life has been changed

  14. Kendall says:

    Actually it’s not life changing because the marshmallow would harden

  15. номер нуль says:

    Buzzfeed, stay away from food. Leave that to Tasty.

  16. Unievie xoxo says:

    In the uk I’m pretty sure we don’t have mason jars

  17. Layba 15 says:

    This video reminded me of a grocery store ad😂😂 But I do love this vid tho

  18. Jeanette Winkleson says:

    “Extra cookie dough?” Uhm yes I will make a big cookie

  19. lexknowsbest best says:

    what if you don’t have mason jar lids?

  20. FlowerGirl 8858 says:

    I knew all of these hacks before and I know some of you guys too

    This video is useless for me

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